Yoska Ziffra

Glassmaker, gondolier, smuggler


Also known as:
Matteo – apprentice glassmaker to Baiamonte Foscari
Gian – gondolier who frequents the Swan Song

Veccho – retired soldier and currently Matteo’s swordmaster (Dardi style)
Cuppido – gondolier friend to Gian, with a very attractive wife
Bryl – a drug dealer who peddles to the Swan Song, who Gian has crossed paths with
Volette – an actress/prostitute at the Swan Song, Gian’s favorite
Battatev – cousin to Yoska and his contact to the Romani
Borso – contact for the dock workers

Pleasure above his means (a mix of Pleasure and Luxury)


The Romani
- Invented the violin and guitar
- Speak their own language (a mix of expressions cobbled together from everywhere)
- Known to have “The Blood”, speak with spirits and foresee the future

Yoska’s family fled enslavement ahead of the Ottoman Empire. Camp fire stories are told of their encounters with the Strigoi (plague vampires) during the journey from Wallachia through the Carpathian mountains.

As Yoska was a distant relation to the patriarch’s family, he was sold to Baiamonte Foscari (the glass maker) for apprenticeship. As Master Foscari has no sons, it is Matteo’s wish to become his heir and eventually gain entry into the Silver Book of Venice.

Yoska Ziffra

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