Santa Croce Sestiere

Lifted/modified from original Blades in the Dark setting.

Santa Croce is next to San Palo along the Grand Canal and is another of the oldest areas of Venice. The oldest parts of the University are in Santa Croce. In 1273 it was administrated by the Hungarian nobleman and crusader knight Giovanni – of the Hungarian house Renoldi. The Eastern part is filled with medieval housing and the Western part includes the main port and Tronchetto – artificial islands and land reclaimed from the Luprio swamp (beginning in the 10th century).


La Zucca – one of Venice's most expensive restaurants

House Renoldi – who shelters the lost children and unwanted orphans of the city and trains them for jobs at the docks or workhouses – or to act as runners and lookouts for the gangs of the district; all for a small fee to House Renoldi, of course.

The Flotilla – partially sunken river barge that has collected attendant derelict boats and tiny watercraft – lashed together to form a small patch of neutral ground among the street gangs. No violenc allowed here.

La Gattare – a small tavern owned by Esme and patroned by less-than-the-highest clientelle. Though the ale is watery, the cats are friendly. 


Chef Roselli - still operating a the legendary Zucca. (Creative, Insightful, Friendly)

'Chief' Prospero – the head overseer of the Ministry dello Economie. Manages the works and allotments for the districts. (Calculating, Confident, Calm).

Renoldi – (Proud, Fierce, Suspicious)

Mara – A former smuggler who's gone into hiding among the laborers of Santa Croce (Quiet, Secretive, Patient)


Tier: 2

Wealth: 2

Security and Safety: 1

Criminal Influence: 4

Occult Influence: 2

Years of murder have made this the most haunted district. Angry ghosts crave bloodshed here. You may take a devil's bargain for +1d for violent action, but the ghost will lash out too.

Santa Croce Sestiere

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