San Polo Sestiere

Lifted/modified from original Blades in the Dark setting.

The Rialto Bridge spans the Grand Canal, connecting San Marco with Venice's oldest and smallest sestiere: San Polo. At the foot of the Rialto Bridge in San Polo is the huge Venice market, which has been operational since 1097. It is seething with hawkers, street food and wares of all kinds. Many small churches intrude from the West – fighting a losing battle against the sins of the market. Eastern San Polo has smaller houses, manors and small palazzos of rich merchants.


The Market

The Frari Church

Palazzo - 

The Devil's Tooth – A Tavern known for its 'secret' menu of alchemical concoctions.


Carlo Goldoni, the famous wrier and playwright. 

Jira – a dealer of fine weapons from the Ottoman Empire and the East. Greatly respected by many street toughs in Venice. (Bold, Tough)

Leclure – a purveyor of personal luxuries (soaps, hair oils, perfume, fine silks), who dabbles in fortune telling. Some say her drowned lover is a ghost that whispers secrets in her ear. (Shrewd, Tough, Commanding).

Mordis - a strange merchant who hides their true appearance beneath many layers of robes and hoods. Fences occult and arcane stolen goods, no questions asked. (Secretive, Insightful, Arcane)


Tier: 4

Wealth: 3

Security and Safety: 3

Criminal Influence: 2

Occult Influence: 1

The Grand Market is the best place to trade illicit and arcane goods in th city, but the darker corners are full of strange horrors. You can take +1d to acquire an asset here, at the cost of 2 stress.

San Polo Sestiere

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