San Marco Sestiere

Lifted/modified from original Blades in the Dark setting.

San Marco is the heart of Venice. Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's square, is Venice's main square, and surrounding it are elegant buildings (many of which are houses of government) and expensive cafes with live music in the evening.


Saint Mark's Basilica

The Doge's Palace

The Campanile (bell tower)

The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

La Fenice Theater – premiere performance venue for the elite of the city.

Palazzo Dandolo


The Doge - 

Maestro Sciatini – Senior composer and conductor of La Fenice Theater. (Sincere, Dramatic)

Lady Freyla – Regarded by some as the finest somelier in Venice. She serves only the most deserving at the Doge's Cask. (Erudite, Cultured, Charming)


Tier: 5

Wealth: 4

Security and Safety: 4

Criminal Influence: 1

Occult Influence: 2

Most engagement rolls suffer -2d due to heavy police patrols. Operations against the nobility in San Marco are considered on 'hostile turf' for the purpose of generating heat.

San Marco Sestiere

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