Giudecca Sestiere

Lifted/modified from original Blades in the Dark setting.

Giudecca is an island of large palaces and gardens gradually decaying into warehouses and industry. Giudecca was known in ancient times as the Spinalunga ('Long Thorn'). 


La Zitelle – on the Eastern-most part of the island: a horse-shoe shaped church with two belltowers that gives shelter to young maidens with no dowry.

Ercole House – a grand, fenced estate of the once powerful Ercole family – perched on the hill of a private island, overlooking the rest of Giudecca. 


Bekir Kizil - an Ottoman refuge and former soldier, now the leader of an anarchist revolutionary movement, bnt on forcing the government to acknowledge the rights of non-Venetian citizenry. (Brave, Compassionate, Wise).

Memet – an ex-military Ottoman on the lam for crimes against Venice (Tough, Reckless)

Madame Tullia - operates La Zitelle, the oldest amd most respected institution of its sort in the city.


Tier: 2

Wealth: 1

Security and Safety: 1

Criminal Influence: 1

Occult Influence: 1

Giudecca Sestiere

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