Lifted/modified from original Blades in the Dark setting.


The Unseen (Tier: 4, Hold: S, Status: ) An insidious criminal enterprise with secret membership. Thought to pull the strings of the entire underworld.

The Mafia (Tier: 4, Hold: S, Status: ) A guild of merchants who secretly trade in contraband.

The Circle of Flame (Tier: 3, Hold: S, Status: ) A secret society of antiquarians and scholars; cover for extortion, graft, vice, and murder.

The Silver Nails (Tier: , Hold: , Status: ) A company of Greek mercenaries turned to crime.

Lord Malatesta (Tier: 3, Hold: S, Status: ) An ancient noble, said to be immortal, obsessed with arcane secrets.

The Crivelli Sisters (Tier: 2, Hold: S, Status: ) House- bound recluses with an occult reputation.

The Rampinos (Thugs) (Tier: 2 , Hold: W, Status: -1) A vicious gang of former dockers wielding hatchets and meat hooks.

The Crows (Tier: 2, Hold: W, Status: ) An old gang with new leadership. Known for running illegal games of chance and extortion rackets.

Ulf Ironborn (Tier: 1, Hold: S, Status: ) A brutal Norseman, newly arrived in Venice, fighting everyone for turf.

The Lost (Tier: 1, Hold: W, Status: ) A group of street-toughs and ex-soldiers dedicated to protecting the downtrodden and the hopeless.


The Catholic Church (Tier: 5, Hold: S, Status: )

The Inquisition (Tier: 4, Hold: , Status:): 

City Council (Tier: 5, Hold: S, Status: ) The elite noble rulers of the city government.

Ministry d'ello Economie (Tier: 5, Hold: S, Status: ) The governmental body of Venice that oversees all transportation and the disbursement of food and other vital resources.

Military/Arsenale: (Tier: 5, Hold: S, Status: ) The armed forces of Venice stationed throughout the City, but primarily in the Arsenale.

Piombi Prison (The Leads): (Tier: 4, Hold: S, Status: ) Where many scoundrels spend the bulk of their lives. Several criminal organizations are run by convicts inside its walls.

Police (Tier: 3, Hold: S, Status: ) The City Watch of Venice, tasked with upholding the law. Known as the meanest gang in the city. Corrupt, violent, and cruel.

Inspectors (Tier: 3, Hold: S, Status: -1) The criminal investigators of the City Watch. They have a reputation for ethics and integrity (no one likes them). They present evidence for prosecutions to the city magistrates.

Greek Consulate: (Tier: 3, Hold: S, Status: )

Ottoman Consulate: (Tier: 3, Hold: W, Status: )

Bohemian Consulate: (Tier: 1, Hold: S, Status: )

Eastern Consulate: (Tier: 1, Hold: S, Status: )

Labor & Trade

The Foundation (Tier: 4, Hold S, Status: ) The powerful ancient order of architects and builders.

Dockers (Tier: 3, Hold: S, Status:) The hard-bitten laborers who work the docks.

Gondoliers (Tier: 3, Hold: S, Status: +1) The guild of canal boat operators. Venerated by ancient tradition.

Sailors (Tier: 3, Hold: W, Status:) The captains and crews for merchant and Imperial Navy ships.

Laborers (Tier: 3, Hold: W, Status:)

Messengers (Tier: 2, Hold: S, Status:) Messengers swear sacred oaths of secrecy—never revealing the contents of their messages or the identities of their clients—or so they claim.

Press (Tier: 2, Hold: W, Status:) The journalists, muck-rakers, and newspaper publishers of Venice.

Servants (Tier: 2, Hold: W, Status:)


The ordinary citizens of a district can be represented by a faction, if you want to track status with them in the game. The GM will set their Tier according to the wealth and power of the citizens in that district

San Marco (Tier: 5, Hold: S, Status: )

San Polo (Tier: 4, Hold: S, Status: )

Dorsoduro (Tier: 4, Hold: S, Status: +1)

Cannaregio (Tier: 3, Hold: W, Status: )

Santa Croce (Tier: 2, Hold: S, Status: )

Jewish Ghetto (Tier: 2, Hold: S, Status: )

Castello (Tier: 2, Hold: S, Status: )

Giudecca (Tier 2, Hold: 2, Status: )


The Fringe

Catholic Dissidents (Tier: 3, Hold: W, Status: ) here are many cults, who rarely organize together. An individual cult is usually Tier I or Tier II.  Anabaptists, Calvinists, Lutherans, the Patarini, the Dulcinians, Arnaldo da Brescia.

The Order of the Lost Star (Tier: 3, Hold: W, Status: ) Very little is known about this highly secretive order.

Ottoman Refugees (Tier: 3, Hold: W, Status: ) Desperate survivors, forced to criminal opportunities when denied all others.

The Weeping Lady (Tier: 2, Hold: S, Status: ) A charity and pseudo-religion, honoring the wife of the first Lord Governor of Venice, Lady Devera, said to be a champion of the poor.

Ziffra (Tier: 2, Hold: W, Status: )


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