Dorsoduro Sestiere

Lifted/modified from original Blades in the Dark setting.

Dorsoduro, a large sestiere across the Accademia Bridge from San Marco, is home to Venice's University. It includes the highest land areas of the city and is bounded on one side by a tranquil and scenic walkway (the Zattere) that skirts the Guidecca Canal. Dorsoduro is one of the best areas for nightlife.


The University

Campo Santa Margherita -  a popular fish and vegetable market.

Ca' Foscari is here – in front of which the floating wooden structure 'La Machina' is placed for viewing and prize-giving of the Regata race.

Ca' Rezzonico – who bought their nobility.

The Zattere - a long waterfront promenade.


Seniora Vasari - a magistrate who is 'reasonable' when it comes to street crime, so long as the offender's purse is sufficient. (Flexible, Shrewd)

Senior Sforza – Chief Scholar of the Venetian Archives, authorized by the Doge to keep ancient collections and disturbing paraphernalia that might benefit the Doge's goverment. (Reckless, Strange)


Tier: 4

Wealth: 4

Security and Safety: 4

Criminal Influence: 0

Occult Influence: 0

The records in the University can be of particular interest to criminal sorts. Take a Devil's Bargain for +1d to gather info here in exchange for +1 Heat (the police are always watching for scoundrels like you).

Dorsoduro Sestiere

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