Cannaregio Sestiere

Lifted/modified from original Blades in the Dark setting.

Cannaregio, across the Grand Canal from Santa Croce, is a large sestiere. Cannaregio has picturesque squares and canals and many, many residents. There are elegant palazzos facing the grand canal, but working class and manufacturing fill the remaining area.


The Jewish Ghetto – enclosed and guarded with no one allowed entry or exit after sundown.

The Fondamenta Misercordia – a good place to find shops and entertainment

Isola di San Michele - the cemetery island.


Mama Narya: Runs the Arms of the Weeping Lady charity house. (Kind, Patient)

Nostradamus: who lives in an ancient tower, now an astronomer's laboratory.


Tier: 3

Wealth: 2

Security & Safety: 1

Criminal Influence: 2

Occult Influence: 3

Cannaregio Sestiere

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