Blades - La Serenissima

Expanding their Grasp


Gian went to the Swan Song for some recuperation time wih Volette—and though it helped, he didn't get her undivided attentions for as long as he would have wished [indulge vice]. He also went to his fencing instructor, as Matteo, and practiced his swordsmanship [trained in prowess].

Constantino decided not to indulge his vice, but did have a long conversation with Grace (also at the Swan Song, though Constantino is obliged to use the trademan's entrance). He urged her to report to any constabulary who might come asking questions that he, a large Turk, had spent the entire evening with her the night the Golden Duchess was raided [reduce Heat; spent 1 group coin]. Constantino also worked at the Mason's—not just increasing his endurance by moving heavy loads, but his balance and precision as well [trained prowess]. Lastly, he urged Rosso to apply some poutlices to his burns – now looking only singed. 

Nico also went to Rosso for her health. The nightmares plagued and he listened avidly to her troubles as he plied his treatments. [Heal + Spent one coin for improved effect.] She also went drinking at Ezme's tavern – she drank enough to feel better and to make Ezme frown in worry, but not enough be totally out [indulge vice].

Rosso also indulged his vice – using his negative apothecary contact to, begrudgingly, send him a patient he was actually able to heal… by removing/collecting something, a teratoma, from him that was both less than human but more than straight flesh. He pickled it. He also trained Resolve by getting, deep, deep into discussions with Nico about her nightmares.

Entanglement: Grace is taken in for further questioning when she explains in lurid detail how her Constantino couldn't be involved in the Golden Duchess affair. The crew decides to leave her to her own devices and she manages to hold her own.


After some discussion about what sort of scores they'd like to pull, they decided they'd like to expand their turf and they'd like to do it by persuading the Dockers to give them more work smuggling. The initial engagement roll was controlled and we cut to the crew making their deal with Barbo, who was eager to work with someone other than the Gondoliers—who take a very large cut—but skittish about trusting a new crew. The Crew agrees to take only a small cut for the chance to prove themselves and get future business, and Barbo agrees. He shows them the oil-skin wrapped box that needs to be transported across town, to a small Church behind the Jewish Ghetto: The Order of the Lost Star. 

The plot is their route. They will travel most of the distance along the Grand Canal and then cut through the narrow streets of the Castello district when they're close to their destination. The first encounter on the Gran Canal goes smoothly: Gian is easily able to persuade his nosy fellow gondoliers that it is business as usual on his boat. The constabulari are also on the lookout for suspicious people moving suspicious goods but 1) flashback to Constantino making a hollowed-out stone to hide the cargo and 2) flashback to Nico gathering intel from Isabetta about the regular beats of the watch. Isabetta almost gets taken in for her troubles, but Nico helps her evade the police by stumbling into them like the drunk she sorta kinda is.  And 3) Constantino leads Nico and Rosso in a group action to evade the notice of the police (who are already making their way away) and they do!

Once they dock their ship they find themselves in an ugly part of town. They survey the area and determine that a pair of thugs of some unknown gang is lurking in the streets outside the Order—but the Magari aren't taken unawares. Boldly they make their way past one of the two lurkers, greeting him with an implicit threat. The man backs down and his friend is pissed that they've missed their opportunity. 

In the probably-not-actually-Catholic Order, they're greeted by a young priest who quickly takes the parcel, explaining they need it desperately and bids them wait. Though the Church is small, he is gone for some short time. Rosso investigates the altar and finds it cold and bare. The Church is Spartan. Their cross is a modified star. When the priest he returns he presses a sack of gems worth 10 coin into their hands and hustles them out, bidding them to handle giving Barbo his cut. [Will also Flashback to Nico attuning to what's in the box.]

Payout and success! New turf!


Devil's Bargains Made:

- An architect overheard how ardently this group worked on their site (even late into the evening) and wants to hire them.

- The Nameless Rogue in Castello is personally pissed at Constantino for intimidating his partner and wants to get even.

- Isabetta is owed a favor for sticking her neck out.

Introducing the Magari

Isabetta, Nico's friend from the old days, asks her to come to The Silver Nails 'headquarters'. Cut to them standing on rooftop of Santa Croce looking out over the Gran Canal – Lucia perched on the edge of Guido's chair; Guido having been arrested. Scent of orange blossoms in air. They expect to be under siege. But they also heard of a golden opportunity. The Golden Duchess, whose captain maybe died of plague, is carrying lapis and sulfur and quartz from afar. Lucia will give them four coin of the 10 its worth if they get it. Gian wants a different arrangement – Sway, success, they keep seven, she gets 3. 

Decide on deception plan. Method is Rosso dressing up as plague doctor. Gondol out there. Engagement roll. Risky.

Rosso tries to sway/command. Gian helps. Failed. Gave loss of opportunity and desperate situation. Opted to change method. Gian ordered Rosso and Constantino up the ladder while he and Nico tried to get into hold.

They get to top; Constantino tells the waiting sailors to get out of way of the doctor. They aren't having it; and raise their weapons. He knocks them out – with Rosso's dagger in assistance. Stefanos goes overboard. Giorgos gets flattened by Constantino's giant warhammer – that is mason's hammer. Giorgos calls out to Establos; "Intruders on board!" and the thud of many feet is heard. 

Meanwhile, Nico talks to her ghosts and decides to call out to dead ship's captain; who comes barreling into her psyche when she calls. She finds out about his dreams of this being his last voyage, handing the ship over to his sons, relaxing to a quiet life on a Greek island. Then the agony of his death – which did not to him seem like the plague. Also, in a fit of images, he conveys the location of his payload. Nico knows what it looks like.

Constantino wants to find out how to stop the 10 men running at him. Surveys, with Rosso calling out where the men are, desperately, and spots the cables he needs to cut to swing the cross beam. Succeeds with partial success – Rosso is in the way. Rosso resists with insight to hide under tarp. Constantino Goes to wreck lines. Partial success; is going to be hurt by the other side swinging in to him. Resists fully without stress – hopping over the beam as it swings. 

Gian and Nico prowled to try to quickly and quietly find this item. Desperate to find it and make it back out without alerting anyone.  Succeeded. Saw four casks, each filled with a different colored powder. Alchemical ingredients.

They load it back into the boat and Stefanos is there – trying to climb aboard. Gian tries to push him off with pole. Failed and tried again – risky? this time with sway – drew knife, and said would take an eye. Succeeded with consequence of taking 1 heat – because showed this group is capable of violence. Got back, delivered goods and got their coin.


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