Blades - La Serenissima

Introducing the Magari


Isabetta, Nico's friend from the old days, asks her to come to The Silver Nails 'headquarters'. Cut to them standing on rooftop of Santa Croce looking out over the Gran Canal – Lucia perched on the edge of Guido's chair; Guido having been arrested. Scent of orange blossoms in air. They expect to be under siege. But they also heard of a golden opportunity. The Golden Duchess, whose captain maybe died of plague, is carrying lapis and sulfur and quartz from afar. Lucia will give them four coin of the 10 its worth if they get it. Gian wants a different arrangement – Sway, success, they keep seven, she gets 3. 

Decide on deception plan. Method is Rosso dressing up as plague doctor. Gondol out there. Engagement roll. Risky.

Rosso tries to sway/command. Gian helps. Failed. Gave loss of opportunity and desperate situation. Opted to change method. Gian ordered Rosso and Constantino up the ladder while he and Nico tried to get into hold.

They get to top; Constantino tells the waiting sailors to get out of way of the doctor. They aren't having it; and raise their weapons. He knocks them out – with Rosso's dagger in assistance. Stefanos goes overboard. Giorgos gets flattened by Constantino's giant warhammer – that is mason's hammer. Giorgos calls out to Establos; "Intruders on board!" and the thud of many feet is heard. 

Meanwhile, Nico talks to her ghosts and decides to call out to dead ship's captain; who comes barreling into her psyche when she calls. She finds out about his dreams of this being his last voyage, handing the ship over to his sons, relaxing to a quiet life on a Greek island. Then the agony of his death – which did not to him seem like the plague. Also, in a fit of images, he conveys the location of his payload. Nico knows what it looks like.

Constantino wants to find out how to stop the 10 men running at him. Surveys, with Rosso calling out where the men are, desperately, and spots the cables he needs to cut to swing the cross beam. Succeeds with partial success – Rosso is in the way. Rosso resists with insight to hide under tarp. Constantino Goes to wreck lines. Partial success; is going to be hurt by the other side swinging in to him. Resists fully without stress – hopping over the beam as it swings. 

Gian and Nico prowled to try to quickly and quietly find this item. Desperate to find it and make it back out without alerting anyone.  Succeeded. Saw four casks, each filled with a different colored powder. Alchemical ingredients.

They load it back into the boat and Stefanos is there – trying to climb aboard. Gian tries to push him off with pole. Failed and tried again – risky? this time with sway – drew knife, and said would take an eye. Succeeded with consequence of taking 1 heat – because showed this group is capable of violence. Got back, delivered goods and got their coin.



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